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Harvesting seaweed

Notre histoire

Fresh Stiffkey Freshers Oysters

Huîtres Stiffkey

Rope-grown Sugar Kelp

La ferme

Norfolk Seaweed soap


Notre histoire

Il y a trois ans, nous avons contemplé la mer bleue (-ish) où elle se brise en une jolie ligne blanche le long du bord des sables dorés, au-delà d'un marais de marée en constante évolution qui ne cesse de respirer à chaque tour et tour du marée. " Mon Dieu, quelle chance nous avons !", avons-nous dit, et nous nous sommes regardés et avons souri. Au lieu de voyager et de travailler constamment à l'étranger, nous avons décidé de tirer le meilleur parti de notre magnifique paysage, de vivre et de travailler sur la mer que nous aimons.

C'est ainsi que notre histoire d'algues a commencé. 

Willie Athill with Sugar Kelp


Norfolk Seaweed a été créé par des personnes qui viennent et vivent dans le nord du Norfolk, avec une expérience familiale dans la culture et la vente d'huîtres et de moules et une implication permanente dans la mer. 

Chef de la direction

Willie Athill

Willie Athill CEO of Norfolk Seaweed

Willie Athill, président-directeur général

William Athill is a seaweed and oyster farmer in North Norfolk, England. Born and educated in Norfolk he was soldier for five years before joining a maritime salvage company that metamorphosed into an oil and gas exploration company where William worked for 35 years specialising in international rig move operations into harsh and hostile environments. After a four year sabbatical in large scale aquaculture in south east Asia and investment banking in New York and Hong Kong he saw that un-regulated extractive industries were so damaging to the world we live in he founded Norfolk Seaweed Ltd to pilot the production of low impact, low carbon, fully sustainable macro algae for bio-pharma, agricultural and soil health sectors.

Directeur financier

Jamie Athill

Jamie Athill, Financial Director

Jamie Athill, directeur financier

Born and raised in Norfolk, Jamie grew up with a keen interest in the natural world and, in particular, the coastal region.  He continued this interest whilst serving as an Army officer in roles covering operations, training and defence diplomacy in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Based back in Norfolk since 2011, his focus has been on local community and charity work in support of veterans and young people, with particular emphasis on making sure that plans are matched with the resources and skills needed to achieve positive results.  He is passionate about resurrecting a family business that will contribute to a sustainable, low carbon future and increasing career opportunities for young people. He was appointed as a Norfolk DL in 2016 and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

Directeur du développement

Allie Quai

Allie Wharf, Development Director of Norfolk Seaweed

Allie Wharf, directrice du développement

Allie grew up in Norwich in the heart of Norfolk but spent much of her childhood on the beaches here. With a father in the shipping industry she also spent many summers criss-crossing the world’s oceans. After a BSc Economics degree at Oxford Brooks she became a producer and director at the BBC, specialising in foreign affairs. Post BBC she continued to make documentary films and work as a consultant on environmental investigations, whilst gaining a post-graduate qualification in International Development. Allie is a keen sailor, sea swimmer and diver and the sea and its glorious potential has always been a source of development ideas and inspiration.

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