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Blakeney Point and Overfalls


Located in the lee of Blakeney overfalls

Where is our seaweed farm located?  

We have picked a location 2.8 nautical miles offshore Morston Fairway buoy where we think the environment is suitable for growing seaweed, is away from shipping traffic and is close to our home port.  

  • The area for the pilot is 25ha. 

  • The seabed is coarse sand, gravel and a good holding ground for moorings. 

  • The water depth is 14-17m, and the site is partially protected from potentially damaging Northerly wind as it sits snugly in the lee of Blakeney overfalls. 

  • The water temperature, nutrient levels, and current are all suitable, and although the turbidity is at present an unknown (this will be tested throughout the pilot), there are similar conditions in the Dutch North Sea where seaweed farms are flourishing.  

Allie Wharf at the helm of Morning Flight
View from Morning Flight boat
Single array, longline seaweed farming

Single array, longline seaweed farming 

Using a single array longline method, the pilot will consist of two initial 100m cultivators impregnated with native seaweed spores. 

These will be laid in autumn – for harvest in the spring.  

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