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Sugar kelp single line farming

Regenerative Meereslandwirtschaft – die Vorteile 


Carbon sequestration potential

Reduce agricultural emissions–i.e. methane reduction

Earth from space


Provide a healthy, sustainable food ingredient

Seaweed as food
Green farmland


Reduce land footprint from feed

Replace synthetic fertilisers

Willie Athill at sea


Improve ocean health - nitrogen, acidity, marine biodiversity

Seaweed workers


Diversify livelihoods and increase resilience

Advisory Board

Our advisory board represents a range of experiences and viewpoints about the future of seaweed and regenerative ocean farming.

Their role is to challenge and inform Norfolk Seaweed’s strategy.

Das ungenutzte Potenzial für Sugar Kelp

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The wild harvest method is simply unsustainable. So we need to farm these precious algae.

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