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Seaweed is a wonderful natural resource

Rich in proteins, lipids, polysaccharides, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, and in the brown seaweed that we will be farming, organic iodine, seaweed is the superstar substance for the 21st Century.  And it’s vegan. 


In the cold blue waters of the Southern North Sea, Norfolk Seaweed specialises in the production of low-impact, low-carbon, fully sustainable macroalgae for the biopharma, bioplastic, agricultural and soil health sectors. 

North Sea


We believe one of the answers to our biggest climate challenges — on land and at sea — has been underwater all along.  Seaweed cultivation is an act of environmental stewardship, seeking not just to conserve natural resources but to actively regenerate and replenish the seabed and the water column. 

Dried seaweed for fertilizer

Dried seaweed for fertilizer



Holkham Estate crops

Soil improver


Bioplastics (Image:Notpla)

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