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Harvesting seaweed
Fresh Stiffkey Freshers Oysters
Rope-grown Sugar Kelp
Norfolk Seaweed soap

Our Story

Three years ago, we gazed out at the blue (-ish) sea where it breaks in a pretty white line along the edge of the golden sands, out beyond an ever-changing tidal marsh that never stops breathing with each turn and turn of the tide. “ Gosh how lucky we are!”, we said, and looked at one another and grinned. Instead of constantly travelling and working overseas we decided to make the most of our wonderful landscape, living and working on the sea that we love.

That’s how our seaweed story began. 

Willie Athill with Sugar Kelp

The Team

Norfolk Seaweed has been created by people who come from, and live in North Norfolk, with a family background in growing and selling oysters and mussels and lifelong involvement with the sea. 

Chief Executive Officer

Willie Athill

Willie Athill CEO of Norfolk Seaweed

Willie Athill, Chief Executive Officer

William Athill is a seaweed and oyster farmer in North Norfolk, England. Born and educated in Norfolk he was soldier for five years before joining a maritime salvage company that metamorphosed into an oil and gas exploration company where William worked for 35 years specialising in international rig move operations into harsh and hostile environments. After a four year sabbatical in large scale aquaculture in south east Asia and investment banking in New York and Hong Kong he saw that un-regulated extractive industries were so damaging to the world we live in he founded Norfolk Seaweed Ltd to pilot the production of low impact, low carbon, fully sustainable macro algae for bio-pharma, agricultural and soil health sectors.

Financial Director

Jamie Athill

Jamie Athill, Financial Director of Norfolk Seaweed

Jamie Athill, Financial Director

Born and raised in Norfolk, Jamie grew up with a keen interest in the natural world and, in particular, the coastal region.  He continued this interest whilst serving as an Army officer in roles covering operations, training and defence diplomacy in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Based back in Norfolk since 2011, his focus has been on local community and charity work in support of veterans and young people, with particular emphasis on making sure that plans are matched with the resources and skills needed to achieve positive results.  He is passionate about resurrecting a family business that will contribute to a sustainable, low carbon future and increasing career opportunities for young people. He was appointed as a Norfolk DL in 2016 and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

Development Director

Allie Wharf

Allie Wharf, Development Director of Norfolk Seaweed

Allie Wharf, Development Director

Freelance TV Producer/Director and Seaweed Farmer

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